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Blackhawk Automation Inc.

Blackhawk Automation, Incorporated offers a wide range of automated packaging and material handling equipment systems and services to allow you to produce more of your product more efficiently. Let Blackhawk provide the “Optimal System Solution” in light

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Conveyors, E- Series Empty Pallet/Sheet Handling

Buy: Conveyors, E- Series Empty Pallet/Sheet Handling
Conveyors, E- Series Empty Pallet/Sheet Handling
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Blackhawk Automation Inc.’s E-Series provides all the modules necessary for the entire empty pallet and sheet handling portion of your system. Our broad product line offers so many standard choices that we can quickly tailor a system solution to your application requirements. Whether your project involves a palletizing system or other needs, Blackhawk Automation has the empty pallet & sheet handling modules for you.

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Conveyors, Manure Spreader
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Complete Aprons for all makes and models using # S, 67H, 67XH and pintle, T67, T-Rod and T-88 chains. Slats are made of re-rolled rail steel which is resistant to the acids in the manure. All components are American Made.
Albus Conveyors Inc.
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Сonveyors, chain
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Metso Minerals dry drag chain conveyors can be applied to precipitators, fabric filters, boiler hoppers or cyclones for the collection of fly ash. These units handle fly ash in a dust-tight, air-tight construction which provides dust and fire control. Our drag chain conveyors can move materials 8 to 12 feet per minute to a storage and/or disposal location, and can have up to a 35 degree incline. Our conveyors occupy minimum space with maximum materials handling capabilities.
Metso Minerals Ltd.
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Conveyors, ArrowSelect™ Series, Table Top
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Quick delivery: By maintaining standard components. Optimum quality: Finished components manufactured to exact tolerances and inspected to ensure immediate response to customer's needs. Maximum value: Manufactured along with our other product lines offers a large purchasing volume and efficiencies of scale to provide savings that can be passed on to you. Heavy-duty stainless steel or painted mild steel construction. Full array of complimentary accessories - guide rails, brackets (adjustable only), supports (pedestal and angle "H" style) and transfer aids (roller dead plates, stainless steel dead plates and side transfer plates), drive end, idle end and incline / decline modules.
Arrowhead Conveyor Corp.
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Conveyors, Screw
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Sizes available: All sizes available! Auger with or without hangers. Various gauge thickness and pipe sizes. Painted Mild Steel. Stainless Steel. Galvanized.
Jakel Co., Inc.
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Preferred by aggregate producers and material handlers throughout the Northwest, Westec Stackable Conveyors are manufactured to carefully engineered standards and come completely assembled in 40', 50', 60', 70', 80', and 100' sizes with 24" to 60" belt widths. Up to eight 60' Westec Stackable Conveyors can be loaded on one flatbed truck, resulting in a savings of up to 60% in hauling costs. Built for heavy duty applications, Westec Stackable Conveyors feature jig-welded heavy duty trusses, torque arm drive components, reliable high torque motors and quality 5" diameter CEMA-B or CEMA-C idlers. Whatever your application, Westec's skilled engineering staff can show you how our design technology can make the difference in your bottom line.
Westec Industries Inc.
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Blackhawk Automation Inc. » Goods and Services » Conveyors, E- Series Empty Pallet/Sheet Handling
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